The Plight of the Sunda Island Tiger

The Plight of the Sunda Island Tiger

The Plight of the Sunda Island Tiger

I’ve always had a fascination with big cats. The visit to the cat habitat was always the highlight of the summer zoo trips. So, the plight of these incredible animals is near and dear to my heart, and one of the reasons that I co-founded Speciologie. 

I don’t know that anyone debates that the big cats are amazing creatures and worth saving.  Today, I want to shed a little light about a special one called the Sunda Island Tiger. These tigers live on islands in Indonesia, and they're facing some big problems and need our to help protect them.

The Home of the Sunda Island Tiger:

Imagine a tiger living on islands called Java, Bali, and Sumatra. The Sunda Island Tiger used to have a lot of different homes, like forests and grasslands, but like many animals, their habitats have been under long term pressure from the expanding needs of the local humans.   Increased needs for farmland and building materials have put the Tiger under extreme pressure- with as few as 200 remaining in the wild.

Special Things About the Sunda Island Tiger:

What makes the Sunda Island Tiger special? Well, these tigers are a bit smaller and have darker, thicker fur with stripes that are closer together. Some even look like they have a beard 😊. They are also good at hunting and particularly adept at the element of surprise.

What's Going Wrong for Them:

The Sunda Island Tiger is in trouble. People are taking away their homes, and poaching, even though illegal, is an issue. The situation is so bad that experts say they are in danger of disappearing forever. This is a big problem, and we need to do something about it.

How We Can Help:

Supporting Friends: We can help groups that are working to keep the Sunda Island Tiger safe by giving them our support.

Sharing the News: Tell your friends and family about the Sunda Island Tiger. The more people know, the more we can do to help.

Vote with your wallet!:  Buy products that support species survival.  There is no more powerful tool than your economic vote! Black hoodies and Tasmanian Tiger T-shirts are always in fashion!!!


This tiger deserves to survive!

The Sunda Island Tiger is a unique and special cat that needs our help. By working together, we can make sure they have a safe home and continue to live in the wild. Let's be friends to the Sunda Island Tiger and protect them for a long, long time!


About The Author:  Dave Simms is a co-founder of species survival-supporting company, Speciologie.  Speciologie sells high quality extinct animal t-shirts, hoodies and totes, contributing 5% of all sales to organizations fighting the good fight to save species like the Sunda Island Tiger.