Speciologie: spe·ci·ol·o·gie [spee-shee ol-uh-jee]

Speciologie: a fascination with the lost species of modern history paired with an interest in habitat and biodiversity preservation. 

Why Speciologie vs Speciology?

Generally, “ie” signifies a noun, while “y” indicates that a word is an adjective.

Why do we focus on  “modern” history?

Unlike the mass extinction events of ancient history, the extinctions of modern history are largely induced by the negative impact human civilization has had on biodiversity via climate change, the destruction of habitats through agriculture and urban sprawl, the use of pesticides and herbicides and other toxic compounds, and the introduction of invasive species. With attention, consideration, and planning, these are avoidable in todays world.

What is the study of species called?

 The study of species is captured by a variety of terms:

  • Phylogenetics: the study of the evolutionary relationships among organisms
  • Taxonomy: the study of identification, description, naming and classification of organisms.
  • Systematics: the study of diversity and evolutionary relationships of organisms through time