Help Save Earth with Speciologie

Help Save Earth with Speciologie

Help Save Earth with Speciologie

The Speciologie brand seamlessly blends style with a worthy purpose: preserving endangered animals amidst the delicate and imponderable dependencies of nature. Our premium, cotton-rich extinct animal clothing makes a statement and makes a difference by contributing to the preservation of Earth's habitats for all animals, plants, and fungi.

Learn more about our mission, our wearable art, and how wearing Speciologie gear can help save Earth.

What Sets Speciologie Apart?

Speciologie isn’t about extinct animal species lost in prehistoric times or through cataclysmic extinctions. Instead, Speciologie’s focus is on the modern extinctions triggered by human generated impacts: climate change, deforestation, overfishing, nitrogen pollution, and the introduction of invasive species.

Experts calculate that between 200 and 2,000 extinctions occur every year. As many as 30 to 50 percent of all species face extinction by 2050. Other estimates are similarly mind-boggling in scope. Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson believes that 30,000 species per year are being driven to extinction.

Drawing Lessons from History

As we reflect on the past, we can draw invaluable lessons from the loss of modern history species. Many of these species fell victim to overhunting, a threat that is now largely under control, thanks to the diligent efforts of fish and wildlife agencies.

Today, the challenges facing endangered species revolve around the loss of habitat due to overdevelopment or climate change and an overwhelming population of invasive species.

A Closeup Image of a Cheetah Foregrounding a Similar Camel Background as Its Fur Coat

Your Role in Preserving Earth's Habitat

As a conscientious consumer, you possess the power to effect change, and we all can help save Earth. By choosing Speciologie’s products, you're not just purchasing extinct animal clothing online; you're actively contributing to the cause of habitat preservation.

Each purchase supports the IUCN Save Our Species fund, which champions evidence-driven conservation initiatives with the goal of averting the extinction of animal species, plant life, and life-sustaining fungi.

Become Part of the Solution

Becoming a part of the solution means adopting a style that carries a more profound message. It involves recognizing the intricate interdependencies within nature and appreciating the profound impact of even small actions. In the grand scheme of things, your choices matter.

By supporting Speciologie, you're playing a crucial role in ensuring that Earth remains a source of inspiration and wonder for future generations.

Help Save Earth, One Extinct Animal T-Shirt at a Time

Shop at Speciologie to express your personal style while also making a statement of compassion and conscientious living. our extinct animal clothing—t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, totes, and tanks— will reflect your commitment to a more harmonious relationship with nature and help save Earth's endangered animals, plants, and fungi, leaving a legacy of a healthier planet for all life forms.

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